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Jim says:

I would like to see Nicaragua get some coverage.

more on Ecuador outside of Quito, too.


bob says:

I wanted to talk with someone. How can I speak with someone to search open destinations and choose the cheapest. I want to take my daughter this winter to the Caribbean (not the Latin American Caribbean) for a week or two and want to ‘explore’ options as to the cheapest from San Diego or LAX all options with one person…Not a general article but to actually BOOK the FLIGHTS NOW with a LIVE agent? Thx

    Roger Wade says:


    We just do travel research and publishing here. You’ll be best off contacting a local travel agent for what you want. -Roger

Rashmika says:

I would like to inquire about all the entrance fee about the famous attraction places in Vietnam. Thank you..

    Roger Wade says:


    They are all on the individual pages for the Vietnam cities on the site. The good news is that they are all very cheap by international standards. Museums are US$1 to US$2, and ruins like My Son are around US$5. -Roger

Khaton Khat says: was founded in 1978 and so I would say they were the first free walking tours. I have been using them since the 90s so Berlin in 2004 is a bit off the mark (now the Euro)

    Roger Wade says:


    Thanks for the info, and I’m sure people have been giving free walking tours to visitors for thousands of years. My reference was to the current popular model of regular, daily mass-market city tours based only on tips, which definitely grew out of Berlin.

Anita Zebell says:

3 – Norwegian Cruise Line

7-nights from: $349 (Miami, Florida → At Sea → At Sea → Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Georgetown, Grand Cayman → Cozumel, Mexico → At Sea → Miami, Florida)

Norwegian Cruise Line is famous

pioneering the “freestyle cruising”



passengers can select from a wide range of restaurants and activities and go




rather than on a rigid schedule. This cruise is on the Norwegian Epic, carrying

maximum of 4,200



counts more than 20 freestyle-dining restaurants on board. This massive ship also has extensive





The Freestyle Cruising thing ends

attracting a wide range of passengers,




prefer to dress formally on formal





expect families and older folks along with a lot of romantic couples from all age ranges, primarily from the US and Canada.
Interested in this cruise. Could you give me more details. The cruise would be for 2 adults. Thanks

Lynn says:

Hi! I will be traveling with my my daughter (age 25) and son (age 21) for 9 days beginning May 30th. We wanted to make a stop in the Loire Valley and then the south of France, to Florence, then Venice, then Salzburg, Munich, Frankfurt and then back to Paris. Should we buy a four country pass. I keep reading about the difficulty of using the pass in France. Thank you, Lynn

    Roger Wade says:


    I prefer to answer questions like this in the comments of the articles that the question relates to, for example the article on Eurail Passes. But I’ll give you the quick version here.

    It’s true that rail passes aren’t as handy in France because many (but not all) of the more popular routes require a seat reservation fee of over €20 and they limit the number of seats for rail pass users so you have to get the reservation in advance. In your case, I really wouldn’t recommend a rail pass at all, even if seats were cheaper in France. For one thing, the train ride in Italy will be fairly cheap, and most of your other planned rides are quite short so they won’t be too expensive either. In other words, the individual tickets probably would cost less than a rail pass on this route, even if you bought them at the last minute.

    For all of these rides, the earlier you buy a ticket, the cheaper it will be. If you can buy them all online soon, they will be fairly inexpensive, as long as you do it through the official rail websites for each country. All the info and links are at that link just above.

    Also, I feel compelled to mention that Frankfurt isn’t really a tourist city at all. It’s all about banking and business, with few sights. If you have a specific reason to visit, then great. But if you are only thinking about going there because it’s a big and famous city nearby, I’d go somewhere else. I explain more in my article about where to go in Germany, with some other suggestions. Either way, the sooner you buy those tickets, the cheaper they will be. Have a great trip. -Roger

Lily says:

I noticed that the name of Taiwan is followed with “province of China”, and I think it’s not accurate. Is it possible to change the name to Taiwan?

    Roger Wade says:


    I would change it if I could, but that name is from a country database that I have no control over, unfortunately. There are a few others I’d change on there as well. Hopefully the Taiwan thing isn’t offensive. -Roger

D. Morin says:

It would be nice if you had a category for people who travel solo and do not want to pay double the price, i.e. cruises, resorts, etc. And not only resorts at a time when most people don’t want to travel there.


Rafidah says:

My husband and I are planning to tour Europe and UK in mid March to mid May 2016. We are considering purchasing the 2 months continuos eurail global pass. We hope to cover all the countries offered minus Turkey. Has anyone done this extensive travel of 28 countries in 2 months ?. We hope to arrive in Paris and start our tours from there. We are in our 50s and we are Malaysians. Your advise on this. Thanks

    Roger Wade says:


    I don’t normally answer questions on the Contact Us page, but I’ll give you a short one and you can follow up at the bottom of a real article if you have more questions.

    I wouldn’t recommend trying to visit 28 countries in 2 months, if that’s what you have in mind. I recommend 3 nights for pretty much every stop you make, except for 2 nights in small cities. Imagine if someone was in Bangkok and had a flight out of Singapore two days from now. It would be like telling them to take the train from Bangkok to Penang for one night and then another train from Penang to KL for another night, and then the train to Singapore the next morning to Singapore for their flight home. Is 2 days and 2 stops enough time to see Malaysia? Not really, especially because you’d spend half your time on the train itself. So I’d highly recommend just choosing maybe 20 cities you might want to visit and even that would be a busy two months. Best of luck with whatever you end up with. -Roger

Rajesh says:


I am planning to travel to France-Switzerland-Italy during the coming summers (May-June). I intend to visit the following cities – Paris, Nice, Interlaken, Lucerne, Venice, Florence, Rome and Sorrento. I am planning a trip of approx 18 days excluding the fly in and fly out days.I need help on some of my specific doubts, they are as under :-

1. Please suggest me the number of days to be spent at each of the place. My tentative plan is as under ( in Days) :-

Paris 3

Nice 2

Interlaken 3

Lucerne 2

Venice 1

Florence 2

Rome 3

Sorrento 2

2. I am planning the trip during May-June. What should be the duration to avail the best and and at economical cost.

3. Can somebody suggest me the route after Paris

Option I : Paris-Nice-Interlaken-Lucerne -Venice, and from there move to rest of Italy.

(Advantage I finish off country wise i.e France-Switzerland-italy)

Option II : Paris-Interlaken-Lucerne -Nice-Venice, from there move to rest of Italy.

( Advantage : I am taking the shorter route i.e I am avoiding my triangular move from Paris to Nice and to Switzerland.

3. Is it worthwhile to visit Nice. I have two reasons for my doubt :-

a. My trip is becoming too cramped up.

b. Nice is basically for beaches, however as I shall be going to Florence and Sorrento where I shall have beach locations as sightseing. So is my trip may getting overloaded with beach destinations.

4. Will it be advisable to visit Zermatt from Interlaken.

    Roger Wade says:


    I’ll be happy to try to answer your question in detail, but I don’t want to do it in this Contact Us area.

    Please copy and paste the question into the comment section of this thread about Europe itinerary questions and I’ll answer within 24 hours.

    I just want to keep the discussions relevant to the topic of each article. Thanks for understanding. -Roger

Bruce Milner says:

Your link to last minute vacations is broken.
Last-minute Caribbean packages on sale now



Help me.

I am completely confused how to plan my first Eurotrip. After having so many discussions on Switzerland, Paris etc. etc., I am at dead end.

Many thanks,

Bonnie Zimmermann says:

Please kindly remove us from your article on cheap and free wine tasting in Napa. We no longer offer free tasting and visitation is by appointment only with an online reservation.

Thank you for your consideration

Jenny says:

My husband and I (in our late 60’s) live in the UK. We would like to go away in February for about a month but have decided this time we do not want to go as far as India/Malaysia or further afield. We have considered Crete but are concerned this maybe to wet. We are looking for somewhere warm without continual rain. Walking, site seeing would be our main interests. We do not mind travelling around independently. My husband loves travelling by train. Do you have any suggestions

    Roger Wade says:


    I’m actually based in London at the moment myself (originally for Los Angeles) and I can see why you’d want to go somewhere warm in February. Will we have a summer here at some point?

    Unfortunately, the Greek Islands will all be too cold to enjoy in February. The smaller ones literally shut down from November through April, and the larger ones like Crete are down to just the residents at that time.

    If you don’t want to go to Asia your best choice will be the Canary Islands. I just spent a month on Tenerife and while there are no trains and few cultural sights, it’s very pleasant with great weather and almost no rain.

    Other than that you might consider Dubai, although it’s better for a few days than for a month.

    If you are willing to go to the Caribbean you might consider Puerto Rico. You could rent an apartment in one of the beach areas of San Juan at an affordable price, and there is a lot to do, including exploring the gorgeous Old San Juan area of town.

    Let me know if any of these ideas sound interesting to you.


      jenny says:

      Hi Roger

      Thanks for your reply. You have a great site which I only found the other day.
      Regarding Uk weather at present. Well its warm and not pouring with rain and we may well get a good Aug. Sept. Oct.! I’m always optimistic.

      Our Holiday. We are hoping not to fly too far Feb. 2017. We have been to the Canaries many times. Dubai does not appeal and we have been to the Caribbean and it is not really us. Puerto Rico is still nearly a 14 hr flight which is what we want to avoid. India (our favourite place ) is only 9 hrs and we are hoping not to go that far. What we are looking for is warm weather, not a lot of rain,( plenty in u k) and an area which we can explore with scenic beauty and cultural interests. Maybe I am asking for the impossible in Feb.
      However we have found in the past that in February Portugal(Algrave) Spain (Med) Malta and Cyprus has quite good weather excellent for exploring because its not to hot and warm enough for us for beach days if we want them. This suited us perfectly, but this time we are hoping to go somewhere different, hence my reason for emailing you. Also these places out of season are more appealing to us and we like the locals.
      If you have any other ideas I shall be pleased to consider them
      Kind regards

        Roger Wade says:


        I understand your position and it sounds like you are actually already familiar with pretty much all of your options. I spent 3 weeks in Malta in March and April, and on only a few of those days were a few people brave enough to sit on the beach or the rocks. If you are determined enough to do it in February, then you do have a few more choices.

        There are a few beach resorts in Morocco, and of course some really good cultural destinations. And there is Sharm el-Sheik for anyone brave enough to go to Egypt soon. Beyond those you start getting into places like Tunisia, where fewer people are willing to go.

        For the record, you can fly nonstop from Gatwick to San Juan, Puerto Rico in 9 hours and 15 minutes, returning in 8 hours and 5 minutes, on Norgwegian Airlines starting at about £350 per person, return. I know it’s a long flight, but it’s cheap, and Puerto Rico is really nice and warm.

        Aside from those, I don’t have any other suggestions that are within range of the Med. Best of luck with this, -Roger

          Jenny says:

          Thanks very much for your time Roger.
          Egypt and Tunisia are No No’s for us.
          We will wait and decide nearer February. We chose to holiday then as it is often a dismal month here

Phil Carter says:

How does my girlfriend in Accra, Ghana reaearch flights?? Specificzlly, from Accra to Knoxville, Tn..from Cot, 5-19, 2016??

We plugged in that destination and reversed it..Knoxiville to Accra is much less expensive than Accra to Knoxville// What gives??

I’d like to think the fare would be given in CEDI-their type of currency..

Appreciate your help!!! P.C.

    Roger Wade says:


    I don’t know much about how the online travel agencies work for those in Africa so it’s hard for me to comment. But I do know that it’s fairly common that a round-trip flight starting in one direction will often be a different price from one starting in the other. I use wherever I am in the world, but you might also try Skyscanner. Sorry I couldn’t help more. -Roger

Jill says:

First, thank you for your invaluable site! Its a tremendously helpful concentration of information we’d otherwise have to cull ourselves.

I have several key questions about resorts that aren’t easy to find answers to on their websites. Short of contacting each resort, is there a way to get answers to questions like mine below? We’re looking for a Caribbean resort, unless you know of ones outside that area that match our needs:

1) It’s not prone to disgusting, scratchy seaweed that would make long swims uncomfortable and possibly dangerous (getting tangled in it as I swim and/or hidden marine life that should be avoided). We stayed at the Excellence Punta Cana in July 2015, where bulldozers cleared huge piles of seaweed off the beach each morning, but they really couldn’t keep up with the volume coming in, and I didn’t love swimming through the muck, and the ocean currents occasionally made swimming out in the ocean too dangerous. I usually swim ~3 miles at a time, so a little roped-off area won’t work either. Zoetry in Riviera Maya looks like it has buoys marking a designated swimming area. It would be tough to churn through 3 miles in a little box. (The Excellence Punta Cana was otherwise lovely, by the way; it’s not their fault there was seaweed, but if you could recommend zones where that’s less likely to happen, I’d really appreciate it.)
2) It has long stretches of sand for walking. A reviewer wrote that this isn’t possible at the Luxury Bahia Principe Samana in the Dominican Republic. At huge Cancun-style areas, can one walk along the sand from one property to the next, or do you have to stay in your own resort’s confines?
3) It’s quiet and preferably not too large. We don’t care a whit about night life, and I don’t drink. Loud, drunken shenanigans would be a huge turnoff.
4) It doesn’t require dinner reservations or super-fancy clothes I’d have to spend a lot of money on but wouldn’t otherwise wear. We’re not interested in black-tie places or even in anywhere I’d have to wear a dress. We’d prefer someplace that doesn’t limit the number of times you can return to any given restaurant, but that’s minor compared with some of the other points here.

I appreciate any tips you might have on how to discover answers to these questions. Or if you know any places that match the above, even better!!



    I’m happy you are finding this information to be useful. Unfortunately, you might have to contact a Caribbean-specialist travel agent to answer those kinds of questions. I’ve been to many islands and many resorts, but not enough to confidently recommend one that fits everything you want.

    For example with the seaweed situation, which I also find troubling. My understanding is that most Caribbean beaches get seaweed washing ashore for maybe a couple months each year, but it can be a bit earlier or later each year, and it depends on the location of the resort and which direction the beach is facing to know when those months are. My best advice would be to check reviews from the previous year that can in in the month you want to travel in, to see if people are mentioning the seaweed.

    I’m pretty sure you can walk along the beach in the DR from one resort to another. When I’ve stayed in Punta Cana at the Luxury Bahia Principe I was able to walk in front of the resorts on either side. There are security guards, but I think they are mostly there to make sure guests are okay and that vendors aren’t bothering people. I don’t have too much more experience with that though.

    You can probably get answers to most of your other questions by reading other reviews for resorts you are considering. I wish I could help more. Best of luck with this. -Roger

Jill says:

Roger, this was helpful! I’ve never employed a travel agent before. Is it best to find a local person, or is there an online agent you would recommend? Thanks again for your help!



    I haven’t used many offline travel agents myself. If you live in a larger metropolitan area, there should still be some travel agents with offices there. Most likely at least a couple of them will be experts on the Caribbean. Best of luck with this. -Roger

Aarushi says:

We are two adults and one youth and we will be visting France and Austria from 10th to 24th July. Please advice whether eurail passes would be helpful from travlleing from paris to salzburg



    I would normally recommend that you buy your train tickets individually as far in advance as possible, and that is usually cheaper than a Eurail Pass. But in your case you might have already waited too long for that. It really depends on how many journeys within those countries that you are planning on taking. A rail pass in France alone isn’t a great deal because they charge a high seat reservation fee on the most popular high-speed routes.

    However, since your trip is coming up you might be best off getting a Eurail Pass anyway. The cheapest option would be a 3-Country Select Pass that includes France, Switzerland, and Austria. Since France and Austria don’t share a border, you’d have to include Switzerland (or Germany) in order to get a pass. Let me know if you have any other questions. -Roger

Geoff C says:

Taiwan incorrectly listed. Taiwan is incorrectly attributed as a province of China, PRC. It never was in history, it is not now. Taiwan is a free independent country with a democratically elected government. Just because China makes repeated but erroneous claims that it has sovereignty the facts are that it does not. Its official status is not determined regardless of what China repeatedly claims. Just because lies are repeated time and again does not form a truth. Please correct your listing for Taiwan.

Jasmin says:

Hi, We plan to travel to Europe for 3 weeks and here are the places we want to see – London, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland,Greece? Is this doable? And can you help us plan the best route from Australia. Which country should be the first stop, the next ones and the last? And if we can still squeeze in other nearby countries? And if we’re taking train or plane for pur transits? Thanks!



    If you will be in Europe for 3 weeks I’d plan on visiting exactly 7 cities. Three nights in each place is the perfect amount for someone who wants to see a lot. The fastest trip through Italy that I’d recommend is 3 nights in Rome, 2 nights in Florence, and 1 night in Venice, but adding one more night to Florence would be better.

    I’d plan on 3 or 4 nights in London for sure. From there you can reach Paris on the Eurostar train in a bit over 2 hours. Spend 3 nights in Paris and you can get a train to Amsterdam in a little over 3 hours from there. If you want to visit Switzerland you should have a quick look at my article on where to go in Switzerland on a short visit. The short version is that you should focus on Interlaken for 3 days or so, and also Lucerne for 2 or 3 days if you have the time.

    If you want to visit Spain the quickest trip I’d recommend is 3 nights in Barcelona and 3 nights in Madrid. Both cities are large, impressive, and very different from each other. You can take a train between them in about 3 hours, but it’s probably better to fly in and out of Spain. As for Greece, you would want to fly into Athens and spend 3 days or so there. If you will be there between May and October then you might also take a ferry or short flight to one of the islands such as Santorini or Rhodes. During the colder months the islands are mostly shut down and not worth a visit. I’d probably save Greece for a future trip and try to fit in as many of the others as possible.

    As for where to fly in and out of, it is ideal to fly into one place and out of another so you don’t have to backtrack, but often those “open-jaw” airfares are higher than flying in and out of the same city. If that’s the case you can fly into, say, London or Paris, and then get a cheap flight back to that city before your flight home. You could potentially fly into Rome and then out of London or Madrid, as an example. Getting around on trains is far more enjoyable than flying around Europe, and train fares are pretty cheap as long as you buy a month or more in advance. But you can get some very cheap airfares between most of these cities as well.

    So really you have to decide which places will make the cut. I’m happy to help you with other details once you’ve started putting your plan together. -Roger

Tracey C says:


Planning 30th anniversary – first trip to Europe – 2 weeks travel time from MSP. We are truly open on what month to travel and would like to hear your opinion.

Cities we would like to visit:

City w/Best view of the Swiss Alps
Northern Italy (Cinque Terra, Lake Como)

Is this a doable itinerary in 14 days?
Mode of transportation between cities?
How is driving on the Autobahn?
Rail travel between Munich/Switzerland/Italy?

Thanks Roger!!


    Tracey C,

    Congratulations in advance. If you have 14 days I would highly recommend choosing exactly 5 cities to visit. Three nights in each destination is the sweet spot because if you go faster it means that you’ll literally be spending every other day on trains or in train stations or in airports and such. Unless your destinations are all within 2 hours or so of each other by train, the day you travel between them will be mostly spent in transit and checking in and out of hotels.

    Your list is already at about 5 stops, so this should work pretty well. You could fly into Amsterdam and 3 days later take a train (about 7 hours and fairly dull scenery) or flight to Munich. After three days there you could take a train (about 6 hours and amazing scenery) to Interlaken to see the Alps. You can read more about Interlaken in my article on where to go in Switzerland.

    After this you would have 5 days or so for Italy. I’m guessing that you’ve been to Rome and Venice already since you didn’t mention them. I would dedicate 2 or 3 days to Florence, and if you stayed 3 days you could actually visit Cinque Terre as a day trip, which is probably the best plan anyway. In that case you could take a train (4.5 hours and AMAZING scenery) from Interlaken to Milan and then hop on the local train (one hour) to Varenna to visit Lake Como. Once in Varenna you can stay there or take a short ferry ride to Bellagio or one of the other nearby towns. Then of course take a train back to Milan and then another one on to Florence. I’d recommend this as opposed to staying in Cinque Terre because those towns are now so crowded that many visitors become frustrated.

    I would recommend May, June, or September for this if you can do it. July and August can be very crowded and some things also get pretty hot. Let me know if you have any other questions. -Roger

Aoife says:

Hi, are there any “3-star traveler” lists for South America and Central America in the pipeline? 🙂



    Thank you for asking. As of now there aren’t any plans for that, but now that you’ve asked I might see if I can put one together in a few weeks. The Europe one is fairly popular and the Asia one is due to be updated very soon, but it’s less popular. I really think the Backpacker Index should tell you most of what you need to know. Still, if there is enough interest I will happily do that one. -Roger

Damien says:

Hi Rodger,

My wife and I want to go somewhere for our 1 year anniversary in June. We would love some recommendations and have 10 days available for travel. We went to Paris and London for our honeymoon. Our max budget on flight and hotel would be $3500 total. We are flying out from LAX. We would like to go somewhere internationally.

Thanks Rodger!



    I’ll be happy to try to help, but it would be better if I had more information. Are you thinking about Europe again? Or a beach area? Maybe Asia? If you could give me a few more clues I can narrow down what I think your best options are. -Roger

Damien says:

Hey Rodger, we are thinking about Europe or Asia. What would be best in June in your opinion? Thank you!

Florence Karanja says:

we are 13 of us planing to visit four countries Portugal, Spain, France, Italy fora a catholic pilgrimage in September. please get back to me

molly says:


I wanted to place an article on your blog. Kindly let me know the rate per article.




    Believe it or not, I write almost all of this myself and for the rest I actually PAY writers. I don’t publish SEO articles though, so best of luck elsewhere. -Roger

kobi says:


I hope you are doing great.

I have clients in various niches who are looking for online presence. I’m really interested in getting an article publication for one of our clients on your site. Let me know the price per article to feature a link on your blog.

Ada Patel says:

Hi roger,

My husband and I will be finishing an organised Eastern Europe tour on OCT 26th 2019 in Vienna. After this we want to go independently to Italy, France, Spain and Portugal and London for 3 weeks finishing off in Spain. Would you please advice us the best sequence of the intended countries so that we are not back tracking? Thank you.



    From Vienna you woudn’t be within convenient train distance from anywhere on your list, so it would probably be best to fly from Vienna to Rome and then visit Florence and Venice and then France. If you want to go from Venice to Paris it’s best to fly. Then from Paris you can take the Eurostar train to London. Then you can fly from London to Lisbon and then take a train (or bus) from there to Spain. I strongly recommend staying 3 nights in pretty much any city you visit, although Venice is small enough to see in about 24 hours. With that in mind you’d have time for about 7 or 8 cities to visit in those three weeks. You’d have to move pretty quickly and only choose a few cities in Italy, France, and Spain in order to do it. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. -Roger

Sorel McRae says:

I’m looking for a community of backpacker-types interested in recovery from alcoholism/drug addiction. I happen to be in Oaxaca, Mexico at the moment but I am obviously very mobile and willing to meet up almost anywhere. (Hope to be in Russia for the summer 2020 and Burma/ Southeast Asia the following winter.)

zoe says:

hello. I’m trying to access this page but it says it doesn’t exist.

Elton says:

Free Walking Tour Willemstad, Curacao:


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