13 North American cities by price: Backpacker Index for 2020

Downtown Los AngelesNow fully updated for 2020, the North American Backpacker Index is in its 10th year to rank the major tourist cities in the US and Canada from cheapest to most expensive. The currencies and inflation rates were pretty stable through 2019, so not much changed except for hostel prices in both countries. In some cases the rate at a great and central hostel has come down a bit, and in other cases it's gone up.

More than in most of the world, it's difficult to rank these cities in a meaningful way because food and drink costs are pretty similar in all of them. This list is meant to help backpackers and budget travelers, and those who are bargain hunters can find really great deals in all of these places, while mid-range tourists with more money than time will end up paying much higher prices. In fact, if we were to rank the cities by the prevailing prices at their better hostels, the rankings would be almost identical to the rankings including everything. Click to read more

Is the Go Las Vegas Pass worth it? Go Las Vegas Pass review 2020

5844364807_4f8ea1b712_zAs Las Vegas continues to transform itself into a destination with something for everyone rather than just gamblers and nightlife people, things can become a bit more confusing right from the beginning. The city now boasts a long list of unique and interesting attractions, but unfortunately many of them are quite expensive when purchased individually which would end up making a trip to Sin City extremely exhausting to your wallet. This is where the Go Las Vegas Pass can be a great help for some but not others.

We have reviewed close to 20 of these “city pass” passes and some of them only provide good value for small numbers of people. The Go Las Vegas Pass, however, really stands out as great value for pretty much anyone who is interested in at least 3 of the 45 included attractions. In fact, this is the first pass we've seen where it's possible to save money by just doing ONE attraction, and if 2 to 4 of the other attractions look interesting, it's a very easy call. However, you can't assume that the expensive attractions are great just because they are expensive, so do a bit of homework before buying.

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Is the Go Oahu Pass worth it? Oahu Pass review 2020

Oahu, Hawaii is a dream paradise for most, if not all, visitors who come to the island. The island itself is home to beautiful beaches, clear water dotted with reefs, tall mountains that beckon hikers of all skill levels, local shops, resorts and hotels fit for a king, and restaurants severing both local and international dishes.

Oahu is also home to 33 different attractions that are commonly found in a travelers' island itinerary.  If you're interested in visiting as many of these attractions as possible during your stay, it might make sense to look deeper into the Go Oahu Pass. This pass is an attraction pass that allows you to visit 33 Oahu attractions as well as a visit to 1 premium attraction. But is it really a good deal for you and your family? Below we'll take a look at everything the pass covers, how long it lasts, and how to use it to get the best deal for your money. For all the information you need to know, continue reading below. Click to read more

Is the Chicago CityPASS worth it? 2020 Chicago CityPASS review

Welcome to the very popular and extremely well known ‘Windy City'! This tourist hub is one of the most visited cities within the United States, for lots of reasons. Here you'll find plenty to do and see with the city happily playing host to a rather large amount of interesting attractions and activities, one after another, each showcasing a unique and different side of Chicago. But because there are so many different attraction selections, and with each costing a pretty penny, it can be difficult trying  to decide where to spend both your money and time.

This is where the Chicago CityPASS comes in to help. This pass is designed to save you both money and time. But will it really work for you? We'll find that out and more, below. Click to read more

Is the Go Chicago Pass worth it? Go Chicago Pass review 2020

Welcome to the Windy City! Chicago is a melting pot of people from around the US and a great place to find culture, great food and a bit of science. Home to great attractions including the Shedd Aquarium and the SkyDeck, Chicago provides many different attractions that are suitable for all ages.

But as with any type of city travel, high costs are anywhere and everywhere. One solution to this is the Go Chicago Pass. This pass is available for several different day amounts and helps to keep costs down by providing a flat rate to 29 Chicago attractions. But is it right for you and will it save you enough money to make it worth it? We'll answer that question and more, below. Click to read more

Is the Go San Diego Pass worth it? Go San Diego Pass review 2020

Welcome to San Diego. A melting pot of different cultures, arts and flavors, San Diego is a chosen destination for many people across the United States. However, due to its location in expensive southern California, many visitors plan to spend lots of money enjoying the sights and attractions of this great city.

But that doesn't have to be the case, with the Go San Diego Pass, vacationers have the option to pay for all of the attractions at once rather than at each admission gate, helping to save on costs. But is the pass truly a good deal and will it work for you? We'll find that out and more, below. Click to read more

Is the Go All Florida Pass worth it? Go All Florida Pass review 2020

4725356637_94d96d969f_zTaking a road trip through Florida is not only a popular choice, but a great one at that. The sunshine state plays hosts to a number of attractions and activities, with several befitting to every type of interest. One way that both locals and visitors alike are saving money on these attractions is through the Go All Florida Pass. This pass allows each pass holder and every other person listed on the pass full access to the attractions of their choice.

But is this pass really all it's cracked up to be? Will it really save you enough money to be worth it? We'll find that out as well as take a look at how to both use and not use the pass, how to pay for it and how to receive it, below.

Also, if you're interested in just visiting one city, you should take a look into both the Go Orlando Pass and the Go Miami Pass.

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Is the Boston CityPass worth it? 2020 Boston CityPass review

7158516663_e75a0de9f1_zCertainly one of America's finest cities for tourists seeking a short or long vacation, Boston is somewhat unusual in that it has almost no famous “checklist attractions” that everyone flocks to on a first visit. Instead, the city is more about the architecture and neighborhoods rather than standing in lines to see specific things and entertain particular interests. In fact, you'll find Boston offers a very large amount of picture opportunities around the entire city, perfect for travelers who enjoy photographing every part of their trip.

Still, Boston has many great museums and other interesting attractions, and if you are in the mood to visit more than a couple of them then you should strongly consider purchasing the Boston CityPass for each member of your group. You'll see below that it's a pretty good deal for pretty much anyone wanting to visit at least 3 different attractions, and it's a great deal for anyone wanting to visit 4 or 5 of the included attractions. If you're only interested in seeing one thing during your trip, you might want to skip this pass.

Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you purchase a CityPass using one of the links below, this site will receive a small commission.

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Is the New York Pass 2020 worth it? We review prices and value here

TopRockViewNew York City has a reputation for being expensive for tourists and it really does deserve that reputation. The best and most famous attractions in the city are, on average, the most expensive in the world. If you want to experience the Empire State Building and the 9/11 Memorial those things don't come cheap. There are many experiences such as walking through Times Square or Central Park that are free, but the best tours and sights are very pricey. The good news is that the New York Pass can get you into all of the most famous (and most expensive) attractions for a flat price. It's not for everyone, but if you are interested in experiencing the top sights in a short time the New York Pass can definitely save you time and money.

Further down the page we'll recommend who should get New York Passes and who's better off without them, but first let's look at the current prices for everything. Prices in New York City in general are some of the highest in the world, but the thrills and sights are also among the world's best. Buying a New York Pass can help you limit costs while still allowing you to do everything on your list. We will discuss who should consider the pass and who shouldn't in the article below. Click to read more

Is the Go San Antonio Pass worth it? Go San Antonio Pass review 2020

3108947437_cfd1a90f6e_zWelcome to Texas, the land of big hair, big burgers and big fun. But that's not all Texas is about. In this well known southern state you'll find numerous attractions throughout, some focusing on culture while others on adventure, providing a great mixture for travelers, and locals alike. One southern city that constantly caters to visitors is San Antonio, home to the always famous Riverwalk, among other fantastic attractions and activities that dot the city.

Because Texas is the land of ‘big', sometimes visitors will find themselves paying big bucks for their sought out attractions and activities, which can damper a vacation. Luckily, that doesn't always have to be the case in San Antonio. This is because visitors have the opportunity to use the Go San Antonio Pass. This pass, also know as the San Antonio Explorer Pass, is designed with savings in mind and is supposed to grant each pass holder access to popular city attractions at a ‘less than the gate' price. But does it truly save you money? We'll find that out and more, below.

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