15 Best March destinations in Europe in 2019

If you are coming to Europe in March you are obviously not looking for sunbathing destinations. Still, many of Europe's best and most popular cities have surprisingly decent weather in March, so it can be an excellent time for a city visit. More good news is that most of southern Europe is mostly dry in March, so a light jacket or sweater is probably all you'll need most of the time.

If you are looking for a warm-weather destination in March you should probably think about Asia or perhaps the Caribbean. As long as you don't need it to be actually hot, the Canary Islands are warm and pleasant enough that some people do sunbathe in March, so it's the first place on the list below. Click to read more

26 Cheap destinations for 2019 with great weather in March

Pokhara Boats HDRThe month of March is one of the better ones on the calendar for budget travelers since it's well before the summer season in the Northern Hemisphere and the winter crowds in the tropical areas are starting to thin out at the same time. The best places to visit in March are where you might expect, and in Latin America and Asia you can find perfect weather with off-peak hotel prices and reasonable crowds.

For those starting in North America or Europe you'll find that most of these places will require a fairly long flight to reach, but that's the price you pay for warm weather this time of year, and those staying for at least two weeks can easily justify the airfare by the cheap prices they pay once they have arrived. Click to read more

12 Best February destinations in Europe in 2019

February is obviously one of the colder months in Europe so it's not among the best months for a visit. That said, if your choices are coming to Europe in February or not coming at all, you'll still have a great time if you choose among the cities below. It's better to focus on cities with mostly indoor attractions this time of year, and the cities below are all fantastic for that.

If you are looking for a warm-weather February destination you should probably look somewhere other than Europe. There is only one place where you might get any use out of that bathing suit, which is the Canary Islands and listed just below. The other cities on the list are those that combine decent February weather and plenty of worthwhile things to do in winter. Click to read more

When is the best time to visit Spain? Here’s how to decide

Unlike nearly all of the rest of Europe, Spain is a country that is very popular all year round so choosing when to visit isn't always easy. The winters are colder than many non-Europeans realize and you'll definitely need to bundle up a bit, but they are still warmer than almost anywhere else in Europe and it's one of the best choices for an off-season holiday.

The summers in Spain are hot and sometimes uncomfortable, but the days are also long and many places feel like there is a nonstop party going on in those months. As we will discuss just below, the months just before and after summer are the best choices for many people, although there are good reasons to visit any time of the year. Click to read more

11 Best family vacation cities in Europe

Even if you've been to Europe on your own in the past, planning a vacation to Europe with a family for the first time can be daunting. Some cities have an abundance of attractions that appeal to kids of all ages, while others have surprisingly few. The good news is that most of Europe's most popular tourist cities are also great choices for family trips.

Europe's trains and public transportation systems are all suited for families because they are used by local families on a daily basis. Safety is another issue that parents don't have to worry much about as nearly all of Europe's big cities are notoriously low in crime. Still, some cities are much easier to get around in and the list below should help you choose one or more places to visit on your own family vacation in Europe. Click to read more

12 Best Europe destinations in January of 2019

If you are planning a Europe trip in January then you are obviously expecting cooler temperatures. Fortunately, most of the best and most famous tourist cities such as Paris, Rome, and London don't get much rain (or snow) in winter, so as long as you are dressed properly you can still see just about everything.

Below is our list of the 12 best European destinations to consider for a visit in January, including one actual beach. The days in Europe are pretty short this time of year, but at least hotel prices will be at or near their annual lows. This is also the only time of year when you can visit cities like Venice or Barcelona without being surrounded by thousands of other tourists at all times.

If this is your first trip to Europe you may also be interested in our recommendations for best first-time Europe itineraries of your own. Click to read more

5 Ways to redeem airline miles for Oktoberfest in Munich

People frequently ask me about airline mileage programs and since I'm not an expert on that topic I usually refer them to my friend John DiScala, who is better known in the travel biz as Johnny Jet. He runs a popular site that is loaded with tips and tricks for getting the most out of mileage programs and flights in general. The following is a guest article from John that many should find useful.

Since 1810, Oktoberfest has been an annual tradition in Munich for both locals and world travelers alike. If you enjoy good beer, camaraderie, and new cultural experiences, a fall trip to Munich is a must. Whether you stay for one afternoon or all 16 days, you can redeem airline miles to attend one of the world's largest Volksfest!

Since Munich is one of the more expensive airports to fly into (especially during Oktoberfest), redeeming airline miles for award flights can give you a good return on investment. Click to read more

13 Best Europe destinations in December of 2018

While December may not be the ideal month to visit Europe, it can actually be a lot of fun and you won't have much competition at the famous sights. Unless you have a special reason to do so, it's best to avoid northern Europe and even most of central Europe in winter. But that still leaves most of the most famous cities, which will be filled with shopping and working locals until just before Christmas.

Below you'll find our list of the best cities to consider for a Europe trip in December. With a bit of advance planning you should be able to get cheap flights between most of these as well, so you can visit several of them as long as you allow about 3 days in each. There is even one reasonable beach destination, although it may not be warm enough this month unless you are from one of the Nordic countries. Click to read more

Eurostar – London to Paris or Brussels or Amsterdam trains: Money-saving tips

Eurostar London St PancrasThe Eurostar is the train that famously uses the Channel Tunnel (Chunnel) to connect London with Paris and Brussels. In many ways the experience is similar to riding any other train in Europe or anywhere else in the world, but there are a few key differences that are important to consider.

There's also a totally independent ticketing system, so getting the cheapest fare requires more planning. Generally speaking, the trick is to book your Eurostar ticket as soon as possible, but we'll discuss that more in the money-saving section below. Click to read more

15 Best Europe destinations in November of 2018

No one will be surprised to learn that Europe is getting fairly chilly in November, but there is still plenty to see and do. There is actually one place where you can still work on your tan, but most people will be better off focusing on the larger and most famous cities, and especially those in the southern countries.

Below you'll find our 14 best picks for places to go in Europe in November. The crowds will be smaller than in summer and hotels are usually quite a bit cheaper, so you can actually see more of Europe on the same money if you come this time of year. If this is your first trip to Europe you may also be interested in our recommendations for best first-time Europe itineraries of your own. Click to read more