Best cheap destinations in the world according to 23 expert travel bloggers

SiemReapMonkWalkingIt's actually not difficult to find “cheap” travel destinations in many corners of the globe. The real trick is to find cheap places that combine low prices with gorgeous scenery, great food, interesting cultures, and/or enough of a tourist infrastructure that makes them easy to visit.

The list below features the best cheap-destination recommendations from dozens of experienced travel bloggers, so you can be sure that these places are the real standouts. Some of the choices are favorites of many, while a few choices are obscure and surprising. At the very least, the list below should provide you with some ideas of places you might like to explore where value for money is a guarantee. Click to read more

Costa Rica towns: Choosing the best destinations for you

Noted as the famed crown jewel of Central America, Costa Rica is home to lush jungles, postcard picture beaches and an impressive amount of biodiversity. Due to this, Costa Rica serves as a sought out destination that keeps people coming back time and time again in search of culture, history and adventure.

But before you start packing your bags, let's take a look at the main tourist towns. These towns, though in the same small country, are vastly different from the next with different climates, locations, activities and prices. Below you'll find details that will help you compare one town to the next, helping to create your perfect Costa Rican vacation. Click to read more

17 Cheapest countries for alcohol-loving travelers

Hanoi Liquor storeResearching travel prices around the world for this site, one thing that is clear is that alcohol in its many forms is one of the categories that varies drastically from one country to the next. In a surprising number of places, a large bottle of beer is cheaper than a small can of Coke, and of course there are places where taxes are so high that going out can break the bank.

So I thought it would be interesting to compile a list of countries that are cheap in general, but also keep alcohol prices low. Choose the right destination and you can get completely trashed for less than the price of one beer in Oslo or Abu Dhabi. The usual warnings apply, but for some of us it's nice to know that a hangover can still come with a modest price tag. Click to read more

What makes a good digital-nomad destination?

Bali LaptopI hope this site – Price of Travel – is a useful resource for long-term travelers as well as those looking for value on shorter trips. We've included typical costs for over 110 major destinations around the world, in addition to monthly weather information, which should quickly give you ideas of where to go and when. See the World Backpacker Index for 2012 to see all countries ranked from cheapest to most expensive.

But there's a different kind of traveler out there in increasing numbers, including yours truly. The so-called “digital nomad” earns a living while traveling, or at least never having a permanent home. I'd love to get feedback and ideas from anyone out there on this subject because it seems clear that this lifestyle will only get more popular as time goes on. Click to read more

The world’s 14 best-value destinations

Let's face it, there are plenty of cheap destinations in the world, and some of them deserve to be cheap. But there are also gems out there which are lovely and interesting as well as very easy on the budget. These ‘best-value' places are ones where you have an excellent time and you're continually shocked at how cheap things are there too.

Not long ago we published lists of our picks for the best-value cities in Europe, and the best-value cities in Asia. For both of those we ranked destinations for people traveling just to a specific region, but it's time to open it up and collect our best-value recommendations from the entire world. Click to read more