Best cheap destinations in the world according to 23 expert travel bloggers

SiemReapMonkWalkingIt's actually not difficult to find “cheap” travel destinations in many corners of the globe. The real trick is to find cheap places that combine low prices with gorgeous scenery, great food, interesting cultures, and/or enough of a tourist infrastructure that makes them easy to visit.

The list below features the best cheap-destination recommendations from dozens of experienced travel bloggers, so you can be sure that these places are the real standouts. Some of the choices are favorites of many, while a few choices are obscure and surprising. At the very least, the list below should provide you with some ideas of places you might like to explore where value for money is a guarantee. Click to read more

Affordable safaris in Kenya & Tanzania: Tips from a pro

Baby-ElephantElephants crossing a seemingly endless savannah, leopards relaxing in a balboa tree or hippos rolling in the mud can be seen in the wild in very few places. It’s the reason that an East African Safari is on the “bucket list” for so many of us.

National Parks and game reserves in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania are teeming with wildlife often found nowhere else in the world, and each park has unique landscapes that can differ quite widely, even from each other.

In Swahili, one of the official languages in Tanzania, safari means “journey or trip” and was adopted as the universal term for excursions into National Parks to see wildlife in Africa.

The downside to the magical trip is the cost. There’s no doubt about it, safaris are expensive. But, for the amazing experience that can’t be duplicated anywhere else in the world, the price is worth it for many travellers and nature lovers. Click to read more

The world’s 14 best-value destinations

Let's face it, there are plenty of cheap destinations in the world, and some of them deserve to be cheap. But there are also gems out there which are lovely and interesting as well as very easy on the budget. These ‘best-value' places are ones where you have an excellent time and you're continually shocked at how cheap things are there too.

Not long ago we published lists of our picks for the best-value cities in Europe, and the best-value cities in Asia. For both of those we ranked destinations for people traveling just to a specific region, but it's time to open it up and collect our best-value recommendations from the entire world. Click to read more