Caribbean cruises in November starting at US$399 for 7 nights

As most people are still sorting out their summer plans, it’s wise to remember that those who book early enough can snag incredible deals on autumn trips as well. Specifically I’m referring to Caribbean cruises, which are now offered at their lowest prices of the year, even for high-season trips in November through February. As mentioned in the headline, you can book a Caribbean cruise for as low as US$399 per person for a week, plus you get a bonus of some kind for booking early. The exterior cabins are of course a bit more expensive, but often only by a little.

Interestingly, the cruise companies play a little game with their best customers by having higher prices one full year early, as well as with just a few weeks to go. They know that many people like to book next year’s trip right after coming home from this trip, or even on board this trip, and that they rarely mind paying $100 or so more for it. And people who wait until a few weeks to go will pay more as well, so the sweet spot for next winter’s trips is now, in between.

Caribbean cruises

7 Day Caribbean Cruise starting at $399

We’ve actually done a little study of the cheapest Caribbean cruises, and the only better deal you might find is a limited itinerary out of New Orleans starting at US$349 for 7 nights. These proper Caribbean cruises with multiple desirable ports of call normally start at around $500 for 7 nights in high season, and if sales are strong they’ll start even higher.

If you’ve been on a cruise you already know that the value is amazing because all meals are included and you don’t need to spend extra on daytime tours if you aren’t interested in them. These prices will probably be valid through summer, but after that they are likely to go up again.

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