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There is no doubt that all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean are booming, and they build more fabulous new hotels each year. As a result of this building boom, the competition among resorts to fill their rooms remains very high, even with more new guests coming all the time. You can use this to your advantage as long as you remain flexible and keep an open mind for the best deal.

If you are trying to get the best vacation for a modest price then you are going to want to focus on the resorts in the Punta Cana area of the Dominican Republic, and the Cancun, Cozumel, Playa del Carmen area of Mexico. Those two regions have well over half of all of the all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean, and they both have large and busy airports with cheap airfares as well.

Look for the best sale price on a high-rated resort

Some people go to an all-inclusive resort and like it so much that they vow to return to it each year. That’s good for those who don’t mind that repetition, but you can almost always get a better deal by just looking for the best deal at ANY resort rather than just booking at the place you like. The hotel review scores at these places are very reliable because they each have so many guests. This means that you can confidently scan the deals for the best rate at a place with the highest review score that you can afford.

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Reviews matter even more at all-inclusive resorts

Most people now routinely check reviews before booking a hotel, which keeps hotels on their toes since bad reviews can be bad for business. Interestingly though, review scores are even more important for all-inclusive resorts than for other hotels. Normal city hotels can get very good or very bad reviews based on their location alone. If a hotel is overlooking the city square it can get inflated scores, while if it’s far from everything it can get poor scores for that reason alone.

With all-inclusive hotels, however, guests rarely leave so the location in relation to other things is almost meaningless. Sure, if an all-inclusive is located a long walk from the nearest beach, it’s got a bad location and that will be included in the score. But nearly all of these resorts are right on the beach, and if the beach is nice and it’s convenient to reach, it will be reflected in a higher score.

In other words, guest review scores tell almost the entire story when comparing all-inclusive resorts. You can always find at least a few places that are offering a promotional rate because they aren’t as booked as they normally are. If you focus on those places and then compare the review scores and make sure they have the features you desire, finding a deal is straightforward no matter when you book.

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