Cancun vacation packages are US$100 or more off right now

With summer officially over in September, most of the vacation talk is focusing on warm weather destinations for the winter. You may not realize this, but few months before December are the slowest in most sections of the travel industry, so they are also the easiest time to get big discounts. They know that most people will only book a winter trip this early if they are offered a big discount, so that’s exactly what they do.

Whether you are in the US, Canada, or even Europe, your best and closest winter destination is going to be the Caribbean. There are some islands that have affordable resorts including the Dominican Republic and Jamaica, but the best deals are going to be found in Cancun and the area to its south, which has many hundreds of beach resorts. Right now you can take advantage of the slow season by taking at least US$100 off any package to Cancun, although most have much steeper discounts.


Instant Cancun Savings – $100 Off!

We here at Price of Travel researched prices in every resort area in the area and have a list of the cheapest islands in the Caribbean for resorts. However, there are slight variations with our other popular list of the cheapest all-inclusive destinations in the Caribbean. You may not realize that many popular islands such as Puerto Rico have almost no all-inclusive resorts, while other islands have almost nothing but.

In addition to the most affordable resorts once you get there, the other major advantage of Cancun is that it’s the best place to find cheap flights because it’s by far the busiest airport in the Caribbean. You can fly in direct from most major cities in the US and Canada, and from the larger cities in Europe as well. Cancun isn’t an island, though Cozumel is an island just south of Cancun that is part of the same general area. The point is, if you want great beaches with a Caribbean vibe and don’t need to be out in the middle of the sea, then Cancun is by far your best value.

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