Cancun all-inclusives at deep discounts in the coming months

Those of us who like to stretch our travel funds to get the most from them are aware that we can visit the Caribbean for next to nothing if we go in November, April, and May. It’s true that most people are more motivated in the deep winter months, but you can honestly go once in November and again in April for about the same cost as going once in late December. Right now these resorts are almost all on sale, with discounts of up to 50% from the room rates just a month or two ago.

Not long ago we did a thorough comparison of the cheapest Caribbean destinations and also the cheapest Caribbean all-inclusive destinations, and Cancun topped the list for both. Even the Dominican Republic and Jamaica, which cost a bit more to fly to as well, don’t quite compete with Cancun. The reasons are simple. Cancun is by far the most popular Caribbean destination so they’ve built many hundreds of resorts in one small area, and it’s cheaper for resorts to get labor and supplies in Cancun compared to the islands where only fruit and seafood are abundant.


Instant Cancun Savings – $100 Off!

The link above will take you to Cheap Caribbean, which actually offers far greater discounts than the US$100 promised right now. They mostly are offering all-inclusive resorts that average to less than US$200 per night per couple, with airfare included in the package. It can look confusing at first, but airfare to Cancun will be around US$300 to US$400 per person, but they roll it into the package price. If you are curious just how the Cancun/Cozumel area stacks up among the islands, check out our list of the cheapest Caribbean all-inclusive resorts with good reviews.

The amazing thing is that the normal rule of thumb is that the all-inclusive option at a Caribbean resort will usually cost about US$200 per day per couple, so when you get the room AND the meals and drinks for that, you know you are getting a deal. It may sound like a lot per day, but consider if you were going to, say, Miami Beach instead, and you had 3 indulgent meals and unlimited drinks each day. It would cost US$100 per person just for dinner and a few drinks, so if you are the type who likes to enjoy yourself while on a tropical holiday, it doesn’t take much to really take advantage of deals like this.

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