Stockholm Pass with hotel package: The cheap & easy way to visit

Known as one of the most beautiful capitals in the world, Stockholm, Sweden is built upon 14 different islands and connected by a total of 57 bridges. A hotspot travel destination due to its numerous attractions, museums and tours, Stockholm provides a plethora of activities available to every kind of visitor.

With that said, many visitors wish to see as much of the city as possible during their stay while saving as much money as possible. Due to the selection of hotels and activities available, it’s easy to see how cost can add up fairly quickly. That’s where the Stockholm Package comes into play. Similar to many other European city passes, the Stockholm Package provides a city pass, among other bonuses that help to lessen the cost of your trip while guiding you throughout the city.

Below we’ll take a look at what the package covers, how long it lasts and more in order to help determine whether the package is the right fit for you.

What is the Stockholm Package

The package is essentially the Stockholm City Pass with added bonuses. Included in the package is a hotel, breakfast, unlimited free public transportation (buses, subway and commuter trains), 8 free tours as well as a guided foot tour, discounted sightseeing and archipelago tours, free admission to 75 different attractions and a 180 page guidebook. The package is good for 2 days and 1 night.

Museums, attractions and tours included in the package

Once in the city, you’ll find that there are beautiful and inviting museums and attractions everywhere you turn. You’ll also find that close proximity and free transportation provided in the package allow you to visit a few of them in a relativity short amount of time.

There are 75 attractions to choose from. Some of the free attractions available are:

  • K.A. Almgren’s Silk Weavery Museum
  • Museum of Architerture
  • Butterfly House
  • Aquaria Water Museum
  • Drottningholm Court Theatre
  • Jewish Museum
  • Riddarholmen Church
  • Wine & Spirits Museum
  • Skokloster Palace

There are also 8 different free tours and excursions available with each being slightly different from the next helping to add more variations to your sightseeing:

  • Historical Canal Tour
  • Winter Tour by boat
  • Historical Canal Tour
  • Stockholum Panorama bus sightseeing tour
  • Stockholm to Vaxholm
  • Royal Haga- Hop on Hop off boat tour
  • Royal Canal Tour (available April through December)
  • Fjaderholmarna islands by boat

Stockholm Package price

Depending on what hotel you choose, your package price will change accordingly. The starting price is 565 SEK ($86.11) and goes up from there with the highest price being 1110 SEK ($169.17).

Are hotels cheaper with the Stockholm Package

Unlike the Stockholm City Pass, a hotel is included with your purchase. In fact, there are 40 different hotels to choose from, all of them having a 3 star rating or higher. But is it worth it to buy the Stockholm Package over purchasing a night stay directly through the hotel? Let’s take a look at 5 hotels included and compare the nightly rate to the cost of the package.

Hotell Dialog:

  • with package- 565 SEK
  • without package- 450 SEK

Scandic Kungens Kurva:

  • with package- 691 SEK
  • without package- 787 SEK

Scandic Foresta:

  • with package- 750 SEK
  • without package- 990 SEK

Best Western Plus Time Hotel:

  • with package- 897 SEK
  • without package- 1482 SEK

Mornington Hotel Stockholm City:

  • with package 1000 SEK
  • without package- 1490 SEK

As you can see above, the numbers add up nicely showcasing how each hotel will either cost very little or nothing at all if purchased through the Stockholm Package. Keep in mind, however, that each package is good for one person. There is little information regarding if a couple who purchases two separate Stockholm passes will have to pay for the same room individually or together. It’s best to contact the hotel itself to make sure either way.

Bottom line: With several Stockholm hotels, it’s actually cheaper to book as part of the Stockholm Package, and you get the Stockholm Pass included for free.

Where can you purchase the Stockholm Package

Although there may be places within Stockholm that sell the package, the easiest way is to purchase through

Or just buy the normal Stockholm Pass

Who the Stockholm Package is ideal for

  • Solo travelers wishing to see as much as possible within a short amount of time
  • Travelers quickly passing through the city while visiting Scandinavia
  • Travelers who plan to use the public transportation system rather than walking

Who the Stockholm Package is NOT ideal for

  • Travelers visiting the city for more than a few days
  • Large groups who will have to purchase numerous packages

Photos by Flickr users OlofabhimanyuAkasped and Michael Caven.

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