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12 Best Europe destinations in January of 2019

If you are planning a Europe trip in January then you are obviously expecting cooler temperatures. Fortunately, most of the best and most famous tourist cities such as Paris, Rome, and London don’t get much rain (or snow) in winter, so as long as you are dressed properly you can still see just about everything. […]

16 Best Asia destinations in December of 2018

After a quiet autumn for tourism, the planes headed to Asia are all full again starting in mid December. Most tourists want to go to the beaches and islands, and there are plenty of those on the list below, but many of Asia’s best cultural destinations also have fantastic weather starting in December. Below you’ll […]

13 Best Europe destinations in December of 2018

While December may not be the ideal month to visit Europe, it can actually be a lot of fun and you won’t have much competition at the famous sights. Unless you have a special reason to do so, it’s best to avoid northern Europe and even most of central Europe in winter. But that still […]

Guide to the best destinations for solo travelers

There are many great reasons to travel by yourself, although many of us do it primarily because we can’t find companions to join us on trips that last weeks or months or years. Since 2010 I’ve been running travel websites for a living and I’ve literally spent about six of those years traveling and living […]