Australia Pacific prices

Australia and New Zealand are places where everyone who visits can't stop talking about how enjoyable they are, but depending on the current exchange rate some visitors might also find them quite expensive so it helps to plan ahead.

Oz gets a bit cheaper outside of the big cities, especially for hotels, but it can still be tough to find cheap meals for those on a backpacker's budget. New Zealand is often visited as a loop on either backpacker buses or in a rented campervan, and either of those strategies can really keep costs down while allowing you to see all the best stuff on your own schedule.

We'll be adding more cities soon, as well as some Pacific islands as well.

Australia Pacific travel prices


Brisbane costs

Cairns costs

Melbourne costs – Australia's cultural and food capital impresses everyone

Perth costs

Sydney costs – One of the world's most pleasant large cities has great beaches as well

French Polynesia

Tahiti costs

New Zealand

Auckland costs – The largest city is best limited to a day on either end of your trip exploring the rest of the country

Christchurch costs

Queenstown costs – The adventure sports capital on the South Island has things going on all year round

Rotorua costs

3 Responses to “Australia Pacific prices”

Charlie Clark says:

Guys, Auckland is not the capital city of New Zealand. Wellington is.

    Roger Wade says:


    Good catch. Thank you. That page hasn’t been updated in years, but it was wrong all along. I’ll fix it. -Roger

Alison Melling says:

Why do people always forget about the West? We have the best beaches of anywhere in Australia and the best weather. Our scenery is second to none – that’s why they call the Kimberley Region – “God’s Own Country” – I have travelled throughout Europe, England, China, and Asia and other parts of Australia and nowhere have I found anywhere that quite takes your breath away like The Kimberley. Awe-inspiring, beautiful, ghostly, ancient, primitive and breathtaking !


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