Africa prices

Africa is far larger and more complicated than most of us give it credit for. The northern countries along the Mediterranean have a mix of minority cultures and new European immigrants, while Sub-Saharan Africa is like a planet of its own, with ancient tribes and movie making and everything in between.

South Africa gets the majority of the tourism in the southern part of the continent, and its own controversial past has left it in an emerging state that still has its share of problems, though avoiding them is simple for any visitor.

We'll be adding more African cities and countries soon, so stay tuned.

Africa travel prices


Cairo costs – Crowded and overwhelming, but a worthwhile stop for the museums and the Great Pyramids across the river in Giza

Sharm el-Sheikh costs


Nairobi costs


Fez costs – One of Morocco's classic cities with a charming new city as well as the famous old city

Marrakech costs – The market square is iconic and amazing, but there's plenty more to see


Dakar costs – A music and culture capital that is becoming trendy

South Africa

Cape Town costs – South Africa's busiest tourist city is like a world of its own


Arusha costs

Dar es Salaam costs

Zanzibar City costs


Kampala costs

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