United States prices

The United States is so enormous that it’s impossible to generalize about anything in the country from a travel perspective. Still, prices of things like food and drinks will be quite similar everywhere, and many chain restaurants can be found in every city with nearly identical prices.

Generally speaking, New York City is the most expensive city in the United States, at least for hotels and most entertainment, but even there you can find really good deals on quality local foods if you know where to go. At the very least, the price guidelines we have for each city here should allow you to make a general budget pretty quickly, and see where some things in some cities are much better deals than in others.

United States travel prices

Chicago costs – A great travel bargain and a first-class destination

Honolulu costs – Hawaii’s largest city is also perhaps its cheapest

Las Vegas costs – Amazing deals available for cheapskates, but otherwise expensive

Los Angeles costs – A wide range of options depending on which part you are in

Miami Beach costs – Even Miami Beach can be affordable for those on a budget

New Orleans costs – Many excellent deals on food and drinks in this classic city

New York City costs – Those who stay near Times Square will find it frustrating and expensive

San Francisco costs – Not terribly expensive if you avoid the tourist districts

Washington DC costs – High hotel prices are offset by dozens of free and great museums and attractions

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