Thailand prices

Without a doubt, Thailand is the most modern and easiest to visit of all the countries in mainland Southeast Asia. Those coming from any longer distance will first land in Bangkok, which is an excellent introduction to both the country and the region. It’s traditional and exotic, while being modern and well equipped to deal with English-only speaking tourists.

Though Thailand isn’t quite as cheap as the others in the area, it will seem very cheap for anyone coming from Western Europe, North America, or Australia/New Zealand. Bangkok and Phuket are the most expensive parts of the country for visitors, but even those will cost half or less what you’d pay in most of the rest of the world.

Thailand travel prices


Bangkok costs – The capital is huge and sprawling, but most of the interesting attractions are clustered together near the river and the infamous Kho San Road backpacker district. World-class shopping malls are clustered together in the center of the city, along with many upscale hotels.


Chiang Mai costs – This picturesque city is even more exotic in many ways, plus it lacks most of the madness that can become tiring in Bangkok. It’s also among the cheapest cities on earth, and one of the world’s great travel bargains.


Pattaya costs – This beach just south of Bangkok is a common weekend getaway for locals, but it’s even more commonly known as the paid-sex capital of the world. There are family resorts and plenty of other things to do, but honestly it’s easily most famous for the bar and go-go girls.


Phuket costs – This large island near the southern tip of Thailand is home to a number of different beach towns plus interior towns. Nearly everyone goes for one of the hundreds of beach resorts and hotels, and some are far more posh and expensive than others.

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