22 Cheap destinations for 2017 with great weather in April

Phuket Beach Chairs PatongApril is the perfect month for cheap vacations in much of the world because most people prefer tropical holidays in the months ending in March, so you can still find perfect weather combined with lower hotel prices in many fantastic destinations.

Much of Latin America has ideal weather this month, while April is (weirdly) the single hottest month in most of Southeast Asia, so that budget-traveler hot spot is really better avoided until autumn.

Those looking for a cheap beach vacation will have many really good options because even places with scorching weather can be quite bearable if all you are doing is sitting under an oversized umbrella sipping cocktails all day long, with breezes always rolling in. Click to read more

Recommended Paris hotels and hostels that offer good value

There are over 1,800 hotels in Paris in addition to scores of hostels, and trying to sort through all of them to find a good one would take many hours at the very least. Even then it’s hard to be confident that you’ve decided upon a place that offers good value.

With this in mind we here at Price of Travel have launched a new series of mini hotel and hostel guides where we do the work for you. Instead of 1,800 hotels you’ll find 5 excellent choices below, each with a great location and great guest reviews, plus a price that puts it among the cheaper hotels in its category. There are two hostels as well chosen under the same criteria. Click to read more

Is the Barcelona Pass 2017 worth it? We review prices and value here

BarcelonaPortSculptureBarcelona is one of Europe’s most popular sightseeing cities, with a climate that makes it accessible pretty much all year round. The main attraction here is the huge collection of whimsical and unusual architecture, much of it designed by Antoni Gaudi. First-time visitors are going to want to see as many of these buildings as possible, and the Barcelona Pass can be an excellent value for those who plan.

Just introduced in 2016, the Barcelona Pass includes 16 major attractions including the hugely popular hop-on, hop-off bus with 3 different routes. The list of included attractions will continue to grow, so it’s very possible that it will include more things by the time you reach the city. Below we will examine the Barcelona Pass offer and see who could get good value out of it. Click to read more

Is the London Pass 2017 worth it? We review value and prices here

ThamesBoatsLondon is a very peculiar city for budget travelers. If you just turn up with little preparation you are guaranteed to think that it’s the most expensive place on earth. Unlike most other large and famous cities, the center of London feels like a trap built to suck all the money out of your wallet and your credit cards. Every turn brings another outrageous expense, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

We’ve previously discussed London budget travel tips, and if you follow that advice you can actually cut your expenses in half or so, while having just as much fun in the process. Generally, London prices are near the highest on our cheapest European cities list, but savvy travelers and those who do their research can save a lot. As of late 2015, the London Pass now includes a 1-day pass on the famous doubledecker hop-on, hop-off bus tours, which is a great new benefit. Click to read more

Is the Paris Pass 2017 worth it? We review prices and value here

ParisArch400As glorious as it is, Paris can be expensive. There are two main Paris attractions passes available and each offers a great many benefits that could make it a good value to some people, but for many others these passes are poor value, or worse yet, might encourage visitors into such a sightseeing frenzy in order to get their money’s worth that they are unable to really enjoy the wonders of the city.

You can get a good look at most important Paris travel costs, translated into US dollars or any currency you like, on the main page. But here we are going to be concentrating on attractions, museums, and transportation prices to examine the value of the Paris Pass, the Paris Museum Pass, and the Paris Travel Pass that is included with the main Paris Pass. Click to read more

Is the New York Pass 2017 worth it? We review prices and value here

TopRockViewNew York City is a place everyone should visit at least once in their life, and while it has a reputation for being expensive, it doesn’t have to be. Unfortunately, the best and most famous attractions in the city are, on average, the most expensive in the world. Walking through Central Park will cost you nothing, but all the wonderful museums and tours are pricey. The New York Pass can be a great money and time-saving tool for many travelers, but definitely not for everyone.

The New York City Pass is an ideal solution for many people, as it allows you entry into over 50 of the cities best attractions and tours for a single price. That price seems high at first, until you do the math to see what it includes and how much you can save. Click to read more

26 Cheapest overwater bungalow resorts in the world in 2017

Show a person a photo of an overwater bungalow or water villa and suddenly they have a new goal in life. Unfortunately, most of the 163 or so resorts that feature overwater rooms are quite expensive, usually well over US$600 per night, even in the off season.

Well, there is a bit of good news then as it turns out that not all of them are priced only for the super-rich. Thanks to the overwater bungalows and water villas guide, which lists every overwater resort in the world, we know that there are some affordable options out there.

Updated for 2017

The list of 26 resorts below has been totally updated for 2017, and all room rates are current for this year. Some resorts only have one rate, while most of the larger resorts offer the lowest rates only to those who book well in advance. Click to read more

Best Cancun all-inclusive resorts for couples, families, nightlife & more


Noted as one of Mexico’s most popular vacation destinations, Cancun serves as a tropical paradise for those seeking an endless amount of fun in the sun as well as a dose of luxurious relaxation. Located on the Yucatan Peninsula and looking out into the Caribbean sea, Cancun has long been a fan favorite with beautiful high rise resorts and hotels, shopping, white sand beaches and dining options.

Due to its large fan base, including many visitors traveling from the United States, Cancun has adapted its resort market to fit the numerous different types of visitors seeking a more luxury based accommodation option. This means that many of the resorts cater toward one type of traveler over another, such as adult only resorts and those who offer family friendly activities alongside their usual activities. Among these resorts, you’ll find that several of them are operated on an all-inclusive status, allowing you access to food and drink plans within your nightly rate. To help you on your way to your favorite Cancun vacation, we’ve decoded hours of research to bring you the best of the best in each of the popular amenity categories, below.

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24 Cheap destinations for 2017 with great weather in March

Pokhara Boats HDRThe month of March is one of the better ones on the calendar for budget travelers since it’s well before the summer season in the Northern Hemisphere and the winter crowds in the tropical areas are starting to thin out at the same time. Through much of Latin America and Asia you can find perfect weather with off-peak hotel prices and reasonable crowds.

For those starting in North America or Europe you’ll find that most of these places will require a fairly long flight to reach, but that’s the price you pay for warm weather this time of year, and those staying for at least two weeks can easily justify the airfare by the cheap prices they pay once they have arrived. Click to read more

Best Punta Cana all-inclusive resorts for couples, families, nightlife & more


An increasingly popular Dominican Republic destination, Punta Cana serves as a beautiful location with white sand beaches, palm trees and impressively clear ocean waters. Known as the Coconut Coast, Punta Cana serves as an all-star presentation of luxury all-inclusive resorts that impress time and time again.

Those of you who are seeking an all-inclusive resort for your Punta Cana vacation will find a few really nice options to select from. In order to help you select your option in the quickest manner possible while bypassing hours of research, we’ve complied a list below outlining the best resort for each of their respected categories.

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