iPad prices in 39 countries around the world: iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3 and more

iPadAir2Apple has just announced the new batch of iPads along with some other updates, and they are launching them in late October, 2014 in most of the world at the same time. As we’ve done in the past, we checked the prices in all the Apple online stores around the world and converted them into US dollars for instant comparison.

If you haven’t researched this in the past you might assume that prices are lowest in countries with lower average incomes, but Apple is like most other companies in that they don’t really discount anywhere. So as before, the cheapest iPad Air 2s and iPad Mini 3s can be found in the United States (at least in states with no sales tax). Canada joins several Asian countries as next cheapest, while Europe has most of the most expensive iPads in the world. Click to read more

Iguazu Falls: A Cheapskate’s guide to visiting

IguazuMainOne of the most impressive natural wonders in the world, Iguazu Falls is where the Iguazu River goes tumbling over the edge of the Parana Plateau. The name comes from the Guarani words meaning “big water” and that description is an understatement. This is not just big water, it is water on a scale that is difficult to comprehend.

The legend goes that First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt exclaimed “Poor Niagara!” when she saw these thundering falls for the first time – and you can’t blame her. Approximately three times taller than Niagara and surrounded by a lush jungle setting, Iguazu Falls are a truly awesome sight and a must-see while you are in South America. Click to read more

Is the Go Boston Card worth it? Go Boston Card review 2014

Welcome to Boston, the heart of the Northeast, where you’ll find thick accents, rich history, old buildings and great food. You’ll also find that Boston, being one of the oldest and largest cities in the United States, also is home to a number of different attractions and activities including the New England Aquarium, Museum of Science and the Harvard Museum of Natural History.

With so many different attractions available, just visiting a few of them can send your overall trip cost through the roof. Luckily, there is a solution- the Go Boston Card. Designed to allow visitors the chance to visit many activities during their stay, the card helps to keep costs low by providing a flat rate to 51 different attractions. But will it work for you? We answer that and more below. Click to read more

Barcelona for students: Discounts, advice, and strategies

ModernismOne of the most popular locations for study abroad students or young people of this age is the city of Barcelona, Spain. Not only is it a great combination of history and of modern society, but it is also a place where you can end up stretching your dollar quite a bit.

There’s a lot to see and do and there are a lot of student discounts, so you shouldn’t feel the need to skip a trip there if you are worried about paying for it. Click to read more

Norway: Prices for food, hotels, alcohol, and more

BergenHarborIf you follow this sort of thing at all you have probably heard that Norway is at or near the top of every list comparing prices for food, housing, and many other things. That seems like bad news for budget travelers, or even those who are looking for good-value holiday destinations, but there is more to the story and Norway is definitely worth a visit for many.

In September, 2014 I had the privilege of spending 9 days in Norway to investigate the situation for budget-conscious travelers, and some things really stand out as good value. Mainly it’s just food and drink prices that are shockingly high, and beyond that it’s not nearly as scary as you might have heard. Click to read more

Is the Go Orlando Card worth it? Go Orlando Card Review 2014

Located in the heart of Florida, Orlando serves as an international vacation destination filled with fun for all ages. In this exciting city you’ll find numerous attractions including Legoland, WonderWorks and more. If you wish to visit places outside of the city, no problem, as you’ll find great adventure filled activities within arms reach.

But, as you jump from attraction to attraction, you might find the wear and tear on your wallet to be a bit of a shock. However, there is one solution – the Go Orlando Card. Specially made for attractions both in and around Orlando, this card is designed to help visitors save as much money as possible. But will it work for you? We’ll find out below. Click to read more

18 Cheap destinations in 2014 with great weather in December

Phuket Beach ChairsThe final month of the year marks the time when people in northern climates start looking around for an escape to the sun. Fortunately, there are big parts of the world that have their best weather of the year at this time, and are very cheap as well, once you get there.

Most of the destinations below are in Latin America and Southeast Asia, so depending on where you are starting from it might be a rather long flight to get there. Many of us can take two weeks or even more around this time of year, but that fact means that all of these places do get crowded and raise hotel prices for the weeks around Christmas and New Year’s. Speaking of that, we have a separate list of cheap and warm places to go over Christmas and New Year’s, only listing beach areas around the world with affordable hotels during that period.

It’s best to book as far in advance as possible for both your flights and hotels, since so many people have the same idea and prices generally just keep going up as it gets closer. Click to read more

Is the Go Miami Card worth it? Go Miami Card review 2014

Welcome to the heart of south Florida where the palm trees are swaying, the people are tanning and the heat is always turned all the way up. Miami is a gold mine for those looking for great Caribbean food, miles of beach and a place to dance the night away. But what most people don’t know is that Miami is also home to great local attractions including the Everglades, Zoo Miami and more.

Most of the visitors who choose Miami aren’t planning on saving money but if you’re one of the few who are looking to have a great time on a dime, there might be a solution- the Go Miami Card. This card is designed to help you save money when visiting the main local attractions during your stay. But does it really work? We answer that question and more below. Click to read more

Hawaii food prices: Tips for farmers markets to supermarkets

The Hawaiian islands are a sought out vacation destination for people around the world. But there are many who choose to daydream about the island rather than visiting due to one simple factor- cost. Yes, it is true that vacation costs can be a bit on the expensive side when you factor in flights, car rentals and hotel prices.

But how do food prices fit into the mix? Are they really as expensive as people make them out to be? We’ll discuss that and more as we dive into the food world of Hawaii. Click to read more

St. Maarten: Why it might be the best Caribbean destination for you

St. Maarten is a Caribbean paradise wrapped up in European charm that beckons visitors back time and time again. From its grand selection of upscale vacation villas to its thriving multidimensional nightlife, you’ll find everything you could have wished for. Once on the island you’ll also be treated to an array of different boat charters and rentals, first class brand name shopping and delectable cuisine, some prepared by international chefs that have been flown in.

All these reasons combined and more help to make for a perfect Caribbean vacation. Click to read more