The Ultimate cheap European itinerary for 2 to 4 weeks

Reichstag BerlinOne problem that nearly everyone faces when choosing European cities to visit is that the most popular ones also tend to be the most expensive. Many people start with London only to discover that it feels like they are being pick-pocketed all day because trivial-sounding expenses add up so quickly.

Paris and Rome are almost as bad when it comes to your budget, so once you’ve hit the highlights you might be in the mood to travel through places that are wonderful and relatively cheap at the same time.

With that in mind we’ve created a perfect itinerary for those who want to spend between 2 and 4 weeks in Europe on something of a modest budget. There are cheaper cities for sure, but most of the cheapest ones are quite remote and may not be as memorable as the ones we’ve included below. Check the European Backpacker Index to see all major cities ranked by price, and that the ones below are all in the top group. Click to read more

Swiss Travel Pass 2016 review: Is it good value or not?

InterlakenViewWhen it comes to city passes and travel cards, it’s usually fairly easy to figure out whether they would be worth it for you or not. For things like the Paris Pass or London Pass, they have a list of the most popular attractions and how much they cost, right there for you to see. The Swiss Travel Pass, however, is shrouded in mystery, or at least it was until I spent several days tracking down all of the prices and benefits.

A great many of the visitors and commenters on my popular page about where to go in Switzerland on a short visit are wondering whether the Swiss Travel Pass is a good deal. Embarrassingly, I’ve always had to answer that I found the pass too confusing to confidently advize people on. Now that has all changed, after literally days of research. Click to read more

New York Pass: Best 1, 2, and 3-day itineraries for most value

SkylineStatueCruiseAs someone who lived in New York City for over 5 years, on and off, I feel a very special fondness for this amazing place. It honestly has many of the United States’ most famous and popular attractions all on one small island, but also most of the most expensive attractions. In other words, NYC is anything but cheap.

The New York Pass is an excellent tool for first-time visitors who want to see as many of the big sights as possible in a short time. It will save you money AND time, since it allows you to skip the ticket queues of many of the most popular attractions. Still, it’s hard to know where you should go because there are so many choices and newcomers won’t know which ones are best and which are also close together so they are easily visited in sequence. Click to read more

Budget trips around the Big Island, Hawaii from Hilo and Kailua Kona

IMG_3227 (Large)The largest of all the Hawaiian islands, the Big Island of Hawaii is geared more toward the adventurous type with hikes, mountains, snorkeling and scuba opportunities and a few great roads trips that will take you through many of the world’s possible climate zones all within an hour or two. Because of this, many who visit plan at least one or two road trips during their stay instead of just choosing one place to stay for the entirety of their trip.

Though Hawaii is known for being an expensive place to live and travel to, that doesn’t mean that everything has to be expensive. This is especially true of road trips around the island, no matter what town you choose to stay in. As long as you choose an economically friendly small rental car, you’ll find that outside of fuel costs, you really won’t pay much for a day out and about exploring. To help you get started, here’s our budget trips around the Big Island of Hawaii from both Hilo and Kailua Kona.

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25 Cheap destinations in 2016 with great weather in September

Having wrapped up the articles for cheap cities with great July weather and cheap cities with great August weather, it’s nice to arrive in a month where better bargains are available in places with manageable crowds. The savvy budget traveler skips the summer months to take advantage of better weather and lower prices at the best holiday destinations in September.

Europe in particular really opens up with some great deals in cities that actually have their best weather of the year at the end of summer. Airfares get lower and hotels and hostels get cheaper and easier to find, so this is really perfect if you’ve got the time off. Click to read more

Flights are cheapest 2 to 5 months before departure: 2016 advice update

It’s a common question. Someone is planning a trip for several months out and they are wondering if they should buy the cheapest ticket available now, or wait and hope the fare drops at least a bit. If the flight is around a holiday time (Christmas, Thanksgiving etc) then the answer is to buy it as early as possible, since fares around holidays generally just keep going higher and higher.

However, if the trip is planned for some random non-holiday time, research done by the folks at Farecast shows that fares tend to be at their lowest between 2 and 8 weeks from departure. More recent research by 2 Associated Press reporters concluded that fares actually bottom out between 4 and 6 weeks before departure. Click to read more

Tokyo cheap travel tips: Transport, accommodation, food, and more

Shinjiku-Ji-templeTokyo used to be one of the most expensive cities in the world to visit, but thanks to the falling Yen, it isn’t any longer. Although Tokyo is still one of the more expensive cities in Asia to holiday in, it is affordable if you are careful with how you spend your money.

You won’t be able to live off $20 a day but you can survive on $100 a day – affordable if you’re only visiting for two weeks or so. Click to read more

Is the Go San Antonio Card worth it? Go San Antonio Card review 2016

3108947437_cfd1a90f6e_zWelcome to Texas, the land of big hair, big burgers and big fun. But that’s not all Texas is. In this southern state you’ll find numerous attractions throughout, some focusing on culture while others on adventure. One southern city that really caters to visitors is San Antonio, home to the famous Riverwalk, among other fantastic attractions.

Because Texas is the land of ‘big’, sometimes visitors will find themselves paying big bucks for their sought out attractions and activities. Luckily, that doesn’t have to be the case in San Antonio as guests have the opportunity to use the Go San Antonio Card. This card, also know as the San Antonio Explorer Pass, is designed with savings in mind and is supposed to grant each card holder access to popular city attractions at a ‘less than the gate’ price. But does it really save you money? We’ll find that out and more below.

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21 Cheap destinations in 2016 with great weather in August

We continue with this year-long series of articles highlighting cheap cities that have great weather during a particular month, this time for August. If you are a global weather-watcher you might already know that August weather tends to be nearly identical from the previous month, so you’ll also notice quite a few similarities with our list of cheap cities with great July weather.

So not only is the weather in these two months similar, but it’s a similar predicament for budget travelers in that Europeans (even more so than Americans) tend to cram a huge amount of vacation time into the height of summer. This means that any city with a beach that is in or near Europe will have its highest prices of the year during August. There are a few cities on the list below that aren’t nearly as crowded in summer, so let’s have a look, shall we? Click to read more

Is the Go All Florida Card worth it? Go All Florida Card review 2016

4725356637_94d96d969f_zTaking a road trip through Florida is not only a popular choice, but a great one at that. The sunshine state plays hosts to a number of attractions and activities, with several befitting to every type of interest. One way that both locals and visitors alike are saving money on these attractions is through the Go All Florida Card. This card allows each card holder and every other person listed on the card full access to the attractions of their choice.

But is this card really all it’s cracked up to be? Will it really save you enough money to be worth it? We’ll find that out as well as take a look at how to both use and not use the card, how to pay for it and how to receive it, below.

Also, if you’re interested in just visiting one city, you should take a look into both the Go Orlando Card and the Go Miami Card.

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