Get 20% off Eurostar tickets through March

Eurostar LondonI can tell by many recent comments and emails I’ve received that trip-planning for summer Europe trips is now underway. Fortunately for some, we are also starting to see some interesting discounts that should really come in handy, including this sweet discount for the Eurostar. As you probably know, the Eurostar is the high-speed train that connects London with Paris and Brussels by going through the Channel Tunnel.

If you haven’t booked one of these tickets before you may not realize that the Eurostar fares work like airfares in that they offer really nice discounts for those who book early, while those who buy tickets on the day of travel end up paying a fortune. So obviously the move here is to book early and also do it sometime during the month of March so you can take an additional 20% off.

>>>20% Off Eurostar Tickets Now

London to Paris (or vice versa) only takes 2 hours and 15 minutes, but you do need to check in at least 30 minutes before the departure time. So while it still is a huge time saver compared to going out to the airport and flying and all that, it still does take about 3 hours and there is a full security check unlike normal trains in Europe.

The other thing to note is that the seats are smaller on the Eurostar and have less leg room than on the normal trains, so it actually feels more like being on a plane. That said, it’s mostly stress free and you can have breakfast in central London and be in central Paris before you even get hungry for lunch. The train stations you use (St. Pancras in London and Gare du Nord in Paris) are also conveniently located, so if you are thinking about trying the Eurostar you should jump on this deal and lock in a big discount.

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