Take an extra 5% off 5-star rooms with this hotels.com coupon code

Atlantis BahamasEven serious budget travelers love the idea of staying in a 5-star hotel room, but most of us can’t even hope to afford one in a major city. The good news is that 5-star hotels can actually be cheap (or relatively cheap) in certain parts of the world, and for a short time you can take an additional 5% off even those low rates with the coupon code below.

Check our list of the cheapest cities for 5-star resorts in the world and you’ll see that there are at least 22 cities around the world where 5-star hotels start at under US$100 per night. Obviously in cities like New York or London it’s tough to find even a 2-star hotel for under US$100, so splurging on luxury is all about where you choose to do it.

The offer and coupon code

5% off 5-star hotels! Use coupon code 5OFF5STAR at checkout while supplies last! Book by 1/31, Travel by 4/30

Frequent travelers love hotels.com because not only do they have some of the best prices on hotels all over the world, but their Rewards Program is easily the best. As long as you are signed into your account when you book, you can get a free night stay after every 10 nights paid, at an average price of those 10 paid nights. So as long as you travel more than once a year, it’s basically like 10% off, and now you can take an extra 5% off the top.

This means that you can shop for the best prices on 5-star hotels and take 15% off the rate (including your 10% Rewards bonus). It may not be enough to plan a new trip, but if you were already considering going somewhere you might as well take advantage of this special deal.

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