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Aside from the greater San Juan area, Rincón is the only other popular cluster of tourist beaches in Puerto Rico. Located way out on the western edge of the island, Rincón is mostly known for having the best surfing waves in the Caribbean, by far. The surfing culture is the major draw for visitors since non-surfers will find it cheaper and easier to stay in the San Juan area.

There is also very good diving, snorkeling, and other water sports available, so non-surfers won’t run out of things to do. The area is also home to a great number of retired expats, making it a bit easier to visit even with Spanish being the dominant language.

Rincón is among the cheaper Caribbean destinations, especially for the many who share a rented house in the area for a longer period.

Where to stay

The Rincón beach area is quite spread out, and there are only 20 or so proper hotels and small resorts serving the region, but there are many house rental places that are very popular with tourists as well. Prices tend to be on the low end for the Caribbean, with a few high-end resorts mixed in too.

Getting there

The closest major airport is Rafael Hernández Airport in Aguadilla, and it has cheap fares from certain limited starting points. Many people instead fly into the main San Juan airport and take ground transportation the rest of the way. Fares there are a bit lower and it’s only about a 2 to 2.5-hour drive in a rental car, or a bit longer on a bus.

Nonstop flights from:
Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, New York-JFK, Newark, Barcelona, Madrid

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Rincón facts

Population 15,000
Metro area 15,000
Time zone UTC-4
Currency US dollar
Airports Rafael Hernández Airport (BQN)

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Hotel seasons

January, February, March, April, December

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