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Tortola hotel prices

Hotel type
Hostel bed
218.00 - 401.00
281.00 - 404.00
243.00 - 858.00
610.00 - 839.00

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Tortola BVIThe British Virgin Islands is made up of 60 islands and (small) islets, but nearly all of the life and tourism is restricted to two – Tortola and Virgin Gorda. It remains a British Overseas Territory so it’s no surprise that English is the main language as well as the dominant culture here.

Both main tourist islands are mountainous and lined with many exceptional sandy beaches, making this one of the more desirable and exclusive destinations in the Caribbean. There isn’t an abundance of tourist infrastructure beyond the daytime activities for the many cruise passengers who appear most weeks in season.

As an island group that is only accessible indirectly from North America or Europe, this is not a place for a quick holiday, or a cheap one for that matter.

Where to stay

There are fewer than 30 proper resorts and hotels in the British Virgin Islands, with most of those spread fairly evenly over the island of Tortola and nearby Virgin Gorda, which is a short ferry ride away. There are no cheap hotels or resorts at all so prepare to spend quite a lot to enjoy the peaceful nature of this island group.

Getting there

Tortola is a popular stop on some cruise ships, but those staying overnight will arrive at Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport, which is located on Beef Island, just across the bridge from Tortola itself. It’s a relatively small airport that can only be reached directly from elsewhere in the Caribbean. Most anyone starting from North America or Europe will change planes in nearby San Juan, Puerto Rico before changing to a smaller plane for the short flight to this airport.

Nonstop flights from:
San Juan, Antigua, Sint Maarten

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Tortola facts

Population 25,000
Metro area 25,000
Time zone UTC-4
Currency US dollar
Airports Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport (EIS)

Avg temps & precip

Hi F Lo F Precip Inch
Jan 83 72 1.4
Feb 83 72 1.4
Mar 83 72 3.0
Apr 85 74 2.1
May 86 75 3.0
Jun 88 77 2.7
Jul 88 78 2.6
Aug 89 78 2.2
Sep 88 77 3.7
Oct 87 75 3.0
Nov 85 74 3.0
Dec 84 73 2.4

hotel seasons

January, February, December

Sunrise and sunset

  Sunrise Sunset
21 Mar 6:22am 6:29pm
21 Jun 5:42am 6:57pm
21 Sep 6:07am 6:15pm
21 Dec 6:45am 5:47pm