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Bermuda hotel prices

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198.00 - 215.00
197.00 - 424.00
161.00 - 523.00

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Bermuda is obviously not technically in the Caribbean, but it’s a popular island with a very nice climate that is usually lumped into the Caribbean group. It’s well north of the tropics so the winters are actually quite cool and the best times to visit tend to be spring and fall, though summer is popular as well.

As a part of the United Kingdom this is far more traditionally British than any of the actual Caribbean islands. It certainly has an exotic feel, especially with its trademark pink-sand beaches near abundant golf courses, but the English language dominates all aspects so it might not feel too far from home in that respect.

Bermuda is generally quite expensive for everything from food to souvenirs to golf to hotel prices so it’s not an ideal stop for a low-budget traveler even if cheap airfare is available.

Where to stay

There are only a few dozen hotels and resorts in all of Bermuda, spread quite evenly over the island, so each is also a bit secluded. There are no cheap hotels in Bermuda at all, except for perhaps some homestays that aren’t arranged easily online.

The quality is quite high over the island and there are no resorts below even 3 stars, so at least you can expect quite a lot for your money.

Getting there

Bermuda is popular with cruise ships, but those staying over will all come through L.F. Wade International Airport. Flights from Europe are relatively expensive considering that it’s much closer than anywhere in North America, but flights from New York in particular are often very reasonable.

Nonstop flights from:
Miami, New York, Newark, Boston, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Washington-National, Atlanta, Toronto, Halifax, London-Gatwick

Bermuda attraction prices

Location Description Type Price(USD)
Kayak Tour Learn and view some of Bermuda's land and water while kayaking along the shoreline before ending the tour with a swim. all ages 65.00
Paddleboarding Tour Learn how to paddleboard or advance your skills while taking in the beautiful surroundings. adult 105.00
Scuba Diving Explore the underwater world with two afternoon dives. adult 165.00

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Bermuda facts

Population 65,000
Metro area 65,000
Time zone UTC-4
Currency Bermudian Dollar
Airports L.F. Wade International Airport (BDA)

Avg temps & precip


Hotel seasons

April, May, June, November

Sunrise and sunset