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Barbados hotel prices

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72.00 - 175.00
82.00 - 436.00
108.00 - 765.00
475.00 - 475.00

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One of the larger and more populated islands in the southern Caribbean, Barbados has an excellent range of sights and styles for travelers of any budget. As a former British colony and English as its primary language, Barbados remains very popular with British tourists in particular, with in-season charter flights available from even some smaller airports in England and Scotland.

The island is also popular with Americans and Canadians, many of whom can fly in nonstop from larger airports in North America at quite reasonable prices. There’s a famous rum distillery here as well as excellent diving and water sports, but most people just come to relax and soak up the sun during the winter months.

Where to stay

There are over 100 resorts and hotels on Barbados, making it one of the top destinations in the Caribbean overall. The majority of resorts are on the western side of the island in the south, but a few resorts are located on the east side, particularly some of the more affordable ones.

The hotel scene in Barbados seems to run a much wider range than most Caribbean islands. There are modest 2-star resorts near the beach with in-season prices starting below US$100 per night, and also super-deluxe resorts where even the cheapest rooms start at over US$1,000 per night. All-inclusive resorts aren’t as cheap as they are elsewhere in the Caribbean, but they can offer good value.

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Getting there

The only airport is Grantley Adams International Airport and it’s one of the larger and busier facilities in the Caribbean. There are nonstop flights from many major US cities as well as many airports in the UK, making it one of the easier islands to reach.

Nonstop flights from:
San Juan, Miami, Charlotte, Dallas, New York, Toronto, London, Frankfurt, Manchester, and many smaller UK airports in season

Barbados attraction prices

Location Description Type Price(USD)
Scuba Diving Explore the local waters as you dive ship wrecks and coral reefs. 12 and up 100.00
Snorkel Cruise Spend a day out on the water as you swim and snorkel while interacting with the local marine life. 0 to 3 0.00
4 to 12 65.00
adult 100.00
Jet Ski Rentals Cruise around the water on your wave runner rental as you explore the ocean and coves. 4 and up 55.00

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Barbados facts

Population 290,000
Metro area 290,000
Time zone UTC-4
Currency Barbadian Dollar
Airports Grantley Adams International Airport (BGI)

Avg temps & precip


Hotel seasons

January, February, March, April

Sunrise and sunset